Rethinking Donor Retention

I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts on how nonprofits can rethink donor retention measurements in the APRA DC Winter 2016 Newsletter. I encourage you to head on over and read it. Starting on page 4 you get some thoughts on data analysis, baseball and formulas. What is not to like? A small sample […]

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Article in APRA Connections

I have an article entitled “Contact Reports Reimagined, Designed for Results” in the most recent issue of APRA Connections, published just last week. If you have an APRA membership you can access the article for free. It starts on page 12. If you do not have an APRA membership feel free to contact me and […]

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3 Don’ts of Data

Everyone wants to make data driven decisions, but really, anyone can do that. Data is ubiquitous. It’s in spreadsheets and databases. Even if it’s bad, incomplete or hard to extract, it’s still there, waiting. Since data is everywhere, what decision makers, strategists and researchers should really be aiming for is using good data interpretation practices […]

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Why Research? A Beginning of Sorts

Fundraising is the second most important part of any non-profit organization. Any non-profit starts with an idea: start a college, serve school lunches, free bonded laborers. The next step has to always be fundraising, whether it’s from the founder’s own pockets, a government grant or the generosity of others to give those initial seed funds, […]

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